Our Approach

We use the XP Methodology (http://www.extremeprogramming.org/) to focus on high priority requirements and to get an initial version up and running, usually within three to six weeks. If this sounds like we are slapping together something quick and dirty, then you would have only half the story. The other half of the story is that we will have developed a test suite that codifies the requirements for your application at that point in time. Actually, we develop the tests before we develop the code that satisfies the tests1, which forces us to be very focused on your requirements. The result is the simplest application possible that meets the requirements specified by the tests.

At some point in time, the original quick and simple design will not be able to support the evolving application. At that point we will improve the design and replace the weak components with better ones. We will be able to do quickly and confidently since:

This is called “refactoring” and we expect to do several major refactorings over the course of the project. We will also be doing minor refactoring as part of the implementation of each requirement in order to keep the code as clean as possible. The result is an application that is very adaptable to your evolving needs.

One of the benefits of having a comprehensive test suite is that it allows us to make changes to the business rules and see what happens; that is, you can run certain kinds of “what if?” scenarios. With this ability you can measure the impact of changes to your business rules before deploying the changes to production.

Now don't expect us to complete the project any faster! Its still the same amount of work: we just do it in a slightly different order. However, the delivered system might not be quite the same. Using our methodology, it is likely that the deployed system:

This is the value that Instantiated brings to your company and we have a proven process for ensuring success on your project.